Touch The Hearts & Minds of Millions WaNtING To Hear Your Message

We all have important messages to give. You can delivery that and make many peoples lives so much better. You may not think that a simple sales presentation, academic presentation or even a gallery talk would not have that kind of power, but it can. All you need to know is how to bring the best you forward, connect ,and deliver.  

Are you?

  • Searching for that "One" technique to get connection with the audience?
  • Rushed to get an English presentation that will be bring in sales, but no idea where to begin?
  • Frustrated that you cannot bring your presentation to the next level?

I can help you :

  • Navigate that see of information so you can quickly get the tools you need for your personal presentation toolbox.
  • Quickly build the confidence you need to face any crowd, no matter how big or how difficult.
  • Build the word power you need so you can consistently speak with powerful words


Hi!, I am not Steve Jobs, but I can do a pretty good impression. However, I really am a English Presentation/Life Coach who has helped hundreds in Tokyo, Japan become confident and powerful presenters.  I have found in my long journey as a speaker that technique alone will only get you so far.  It is vitally important to get your mind, body and social skills up to shape before you can truly have a base of 1,000 fans. Not only am certified professional coach, a recovering English Teacher, and long time Toastmaster (DTM, yeah!).  I have spend more than 15 years studying and applying psychology, marketing and learning design.  It is my mission to not only help you get your message out there. It is my mission to help you so the audience will also be moved to learn and apply what you are trying so hard to get out into the world. Even if you do not yet know what your message is I believe that each and everyone has a voice that can change the world for the better. The just need to find it, and get it to be heard.

BTW, I have worked in HR and for companies like Wyle Labs ( a NASA Contractor) and Cisco Japan. I have done more than 1,000 presentations , seminars & workshops over my career.  I have given direct feedback to more than 2,000 people to help them successfully communicate whether be in presentation or seminar, an interactive workshop or simply effectively face to face.

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