I am a English Presentation Coach and Instructor who has helped hundreds in Tokyo, Japan become confident and powerful presenters.  I have found on my long journey as a speaker that technique alone will only get you so far.  It is vitally important to get your mind, body and social skills up to shape before you can truly have a base of 1,000 fans. Not only am I certified professional coach, a recovering English Teacher, and a long time Toastmaster (DTM, yeah!).  I have spend more than 15 years studying and applying psychology, marketing and learning design.  It is my mission to not only help you get your message out there. It is my mission to help you so the audience will also be moved to learn and apply what you are trying so hard to get out into the world. Even if you do not yet know what your message is I believe that each and everyone has a voice that can change the world for the better. They just need to find it, and get it to be heard.

BTW, I was born in Richmond Virginia, a stone throw away from Washington, D.C. and also home of satisfyingly salty country ham. I recovered from a very unhealthy diet and political speaking style.

I was at Kansas State University while pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and Ergonomics. It was there where I found Toastmasters and fell in love with public speaking and presentation. 

I have worked in HR and for companies like Wyle Labs ( a NASA Contractor) and Cisco Japan. I have done more than 1,000 presentations , seminars & workshops over my career.  I have given direct feedback to more than 2,000 people to help them successfully communicate whether be in presentation or seminar, an interactive workshop or simply effectively face to face. 





OTHER INFORMATION  (not directly business related)

If you have read this far, thank you! The following are the other various things that I do, that are not directly related to the seminars and workshop that I normally do to help people. I just put this stuff here for fun only.  If you are not interested just ignore it. 


For a good while back, I have enjoyed the mountains. I used to go hiking with my dad and sister in the Appalachians and Rockies back when I was in the States.  But now that I am in Japan I set up a project to climb all the 100 famous mountains of Japan (yes there is an official list) within the next ten years or so with my wife.  So far, I have climbed around 30 of them and still going.  For example, Yarigadake, Hakuba, Akadake, Shirane (both of them), Akagi, etc.

Whatever the weather rain or shine, winter or summer, there is plenty to enjoy when you are in the mountains.  I sometime get some great ideas for the presentation after all of it is over.  


Hachimantai in February.  Climbing mountains in the winter is great! 

 Mt. Yarigadake the 5th tallest mountain in Japan.

Mt. Yarigadake the 5th tallest mountain in Japan.


Ever since I was child I always enjoys reading books. Heck, I even read every book in the elementary library.  I made more friend with books than I did with other children when I was a young student. Even though I was so shy I am not on stage in front of a lot of people. That kind of gap tends to surprise a lot of people. 

However, reading books is just not enough.  I have read books and forgotten almost as many as I have read. I just reading is not enough. So, I started running small booking meetings.

The whole idea is that you do not have to read the book at first, but through the group you get the information you want from the book. Part of this is thinking of questions you want to ask the book, and then go searching for the answer. Since everyone ask different questions and everyone finds different answers by the end the entire session you can generally cover most of the book. 

But just getting the essence of the book it not so useful if you do not anything useful with it.  So, I always ask people to write down what actions they will take using the information that they learned. I make sure that the actions are specific and also have simple time limit. If there is no concrete behavior change then there is no point in reading the book in the first place. Learning = Behavior Change.  It is not enough just to know something if some part of you does grow and change.  

By the way, most of these meeting are done in Japanese.  That tends the most fun for me. 


I have also been apart of various conference, meetings, etc. pro bono.  I was one at Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association Chapter in Tokyo held at the New Sanno Hotel near Hiro.  While IT security is not my speciality I did the whole thing fo free. It was the kind of thing that they wanted to hear about so I share my experiences and concerns in that field.  I have done this sort of thing for other various smaller organization for quite a while and it is always fun to meet new people.

I also have been in Toastmasters since 2007.  I have have run conferences like the one held in Nikkei Hall in the Fall of 2017, and have helped out the operation (particular workshops) of the more than 5 conferences in across Japan.  Running conference gather more than 500 people can be a lot free volunteer work, but after seeing all the smile and hearing how much people enjoyed the event it seems all worth while.  Which is probably while am still a member and give speech at my local club just like ever one else.