Still Looking for a Message?

There is a simple exercise that you can go through if you are having trouble figuring out what kind of message you really want to say.  It comes in three parts.  These are the three different stages in life. 

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Imagine a Graduation ceremony, a Wedding, and a Funeral. 

My Graduation

So, imagine there a lot of hopeful graduates standing outside. They have all got there diplomas, and are really excited.

They are waiting for the final speech and you are speaker.  What would you talk about. "Stay Young, Stay Foolish?" "Wear Sunscreen?"

There are many possibilities. So, simply write out a list of ten. 

After you are done. Simply pick the top three.  

Then pick the top one. Then you are done. Set that aside for a moment.


Now Imagine that you son or daughter got married (or remarried)  you are going to talk about him or her in front all his or her friends and family.  What story would you pick?

If you are stuck write five story ideas and pick one.  

Look at that story. What is the main them of the story?  Is it about Love? Achievement? etc., etc.  Whatever it is, pick a label and then set that aside for a moment.

Passing Away

We all go sometimes. So, now imagine that your best friend is going to speak at your funeral.  What will this person say about you?  What do you want the this person to say.  List 10 or so great thing that you did or things that were important to that future dead you. 

Once you are done pick three and then one. Set the final one aside. 

Three Major Events

You now have three major topics for three major life events.  Look at them.  Do you see a common thread? Is there some kind of theme that runs through them.  Even if you cannot find something in common, what you will see is a good hint what would be the major message of your life. 

So, take what you get out of this exercise, pick at topic and really get to work!