The Five Pillars of Presentation

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Have Some Experience & WANT TO TAKE IT UP a NOTCH?

 I can you give a quick analysis of any video material to see which areas you need to work on. Please contact matthew [@] or though this form. Some of these could include:


  • Basic Native English Check of Speech/Presentation Script and/or Slide Deck
  • Consultation on Copy/Composition of Speech/Presentation and/or Slide Deck


  • Consultation on how to be in the best shape mental and physical for presentation. Overcome performance jitters forever
  • Consultation on using your full body to wow crows even on a small stage or small screen.


  • Consultation on Design and Visual Impact of Slide Decks and Wardrobe


  • Getting help to nail your niche
  • Help with getting clear on your value proposition
  • Consultation on Seminars & Workshop to get more clients

*All First Time Clients get a full money-back guarantee. If I do not get you what you expect, I am not doing my job. For further inquiries go here.

**Any Private Coaching and Consultation can also be done in Japanese if needed. I have personally coached over 120 people in Japanese. And 80% of my seminars have been done in Japanese. For inquiries go here.